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Submitting Clips

Submit an Xbox clip

Steps to follow to submit an Xbox clip

1. Go to or
2. Enter your Gamertag.
3. Find the clip you want to submit.
4. Copy the link of your clip and paste it into your submission.

Submit a clip from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive

Quickly share your gaming moment in the website

When submitting from certain download services you need to Share the file in order for us to view it.

1. Upload your clip to the site of your choosing.
2. Get a Shared Link to your clip.
3. Paste the Shared Link into the submission form.

How To Create Shared Links on Dropbox
How To Create Shared Links on Google Drive
How To Create Shared Links on OneDrive


Invalid video URL

Steps to follow to fix an invalid video URL

1. Make sure you only add 1 link into the video field. Multiple links are not allowed since we added autofill.
2. Check if your link is a banned url (list below).
3. Do not include anything other than your link in the Video Link field.
4. Try to open the submitted link yourself and make sure it’s a valid link.

If your link is listed below, please upload to another site that is listed here: Recommended websites to submit from

Banned URLs:
– Use or one of the other sites listed instead (See: Submit an Xbox clip)
– This is not a shareable YouTube link. (See: Find the video link on Youtube)

– You need to upload your clip to a downloading service. (See: Submit a clip from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive)
– If you’re trying to submit a Playstation clip upload it to YouTube or Twitter first.
– Channel links are not allowed in the Video URL field.

Invalid channel URL

How to fix an invalid channel URL

If you’re seeing this message it means you’ve tried to enter something that is not a link to your YouTube channel. If you don’t want your channel credited leave this field blank.

If you want your channel credited but don’t know how to link it, see: How To Find Your Channel Link on YouTube.


Verified Reddit Accounts

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You may have gotten a message from us. If it was from one of these accounts, then it’s from us.

If the account that messaged you is not listed people contact us


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